1 to 1 Coaching

We believe 1 to 1 coaching is the best way to improve one's technical ability and raise their game to that elite level. All sessions will be tailored to the individual's ability, position and personal goals. 

During our one-to-one coaching sessions, the individual will receive undivided attention and personalized guidance to address specific areas for improvement. We'll work together to identify one's strengths and weaknesses, creating a comprehensive training plan that accelerates  progress and builds confidence on and off the field.

Our FA qualified coaches will deliver a 1 hour structured, position-specific session focusing on the key aspects below.

Boys and girls welcome!


For outfielders (6-11)




Non-ball activities

For outfielders (11+ or high ability players):




Non ball activities

Package Deals available for 1 to 1 sessions

- 1x 1hour session

- 6x 1hour session

- 10x 1hour session