About Us

The founders and head coaches of Taylor Technique Coaching are twins; Charlie Taylor and Danny Taylor. They are London born and are from Panama, where they have represented internationally at the youth level in football. Charlie specialises in goalkeeping and is able to provide fantastic goalkeeping tuition having played for and been coached by top clubs including Chelsea, Tottenham, Juventus and Ajax. Danny is a midfielder who has previously played professionally in Bulgaria and has an array of knowledge having played with and against world class players. Both Charlie and Danny are graduates of Loughborough University, where they studied Sports Management and Sports Management with Geography respectively.

All of our coaches are FA qualified and have the required First Aid and DBS certifications.

Our philosophy

At TTC, we  go beyond teaching football skills to cultivate well-rounded individuals by instilling important values such as: teamwork, sportsmanship, and perseverance.

We want to make our training sessions as engaging as possible, as we believe that the best method for a player to learn and improve stems from developing a passion for playing football.

For our younger players, we integrate small games alongside honing the basic skills. Repetition of the basic skills are vital in the transferral to muscle memory and enable good habits to be made.

Coaching services

We are based in Primrose Hill and the surrounding areas, however, we are able to relocate depending on client location.

We cater for - Kid groups (6-11) - (12-15) - (16+)

We deliver specific 1 to 1 and group sessions for the following positions:

We are also able to adapt our coaching sessions to the needs of the player and parent e.g. skill level of player, how intense they want the sessions (whether that be more fun and learning vs less games and higher intensity)